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10 Years in Web Space

The SPRdb Web interface was launched in fall 1995. Since then the SPRdb changed its character completely. Prior to 1995 the SPRdb was a terminal based Oracle SQL*Forms application for a few users. It was used to register problem reports and to support the reporting on them. The associated documents (e.g. reports, analyses) were handled paper-based. With the introduction of the Web interface the audience changed completely. Since then the entire project team got access to information step by step. The transformation process started in 1995 and ended in 1996 with the complete electronic support of main processes related to problem report handling. Two years later all projects decided officially to work paper-less. In the next years the SPRdb was continuously enhanced. Thanks to the customers the SPRdb development team was able to implement many new features and enhancements. Due to a close relationship between users and SPRdb support the tool is still in use. At that point the SPRdb team would like to thank all SPRdb users for using the product. Also, we would like to thank former trainees and students as well as former and current team members who were involved in the development process of the SPRdb and associated products:

Spyros Abatielos · Thorsten Abels · Markus Aulkemeier · Nurdogan Erdem · David Dietrich · Andrea Gerriets · Andreas Hinderks · Malte Hübner · Oliver Straßberger · Andre Sülflow · Daniel Rotter · Jörn Waterstraat · Peter Weder · Michael Werner · Hans Woitke

The SPRdb team is looking forward to support the user community in the next 10 years.

Bremen, October 2005

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