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10 Years




Modified handling of new analyses

New analyses are now reported in the SPR history and update the SPR modification date. They also issue a notification to users in the same way as for other SPR updates. This was not the case in the past. Only when the analysis was approved by the responsible board, it appeared in the Status page in the SPA entry, and the SPR modification date was updated.


  New SPR status COMPLETED

The new SPR status COMPLETED can be used to close an SPR in any state without having to follow the full life-cycle down to RELEASED. This is intended for SPRs that don't require a release.


  Extended hyperlink feature

In addition to the special hyperlinks of the form SPR-nnnn and TASK-nnnn-mm, each SPRdb instance can now configure its own hyperlinks. This feature is currently used by the Columbus SPRdb to link

tags to the corresponding SCR/SPN in the NASA PVCS database, and to link
tags to the corresponding USS, LAPAP and MCS issues in Jira.

This works for all links that can be constructed from the tags plus a fixed URL and don't need additional information to be obtained from the target database. If you want us to configure such links for your SPRdb instance, please give us the following information for each link:

  • the tag to be replaced by a link
  • the corresponding URL
  • the link text to be shown instead of the tag


Advanced Query: New Task Query Sub-Page

The Advanced Query provides now an additional sub-page to define task queries. This task query is AND associated with the optional problem query. Select "TASK LIST" on the Column Selection sub-page to display the task information on the results page. The TASK LIST may be selected with or without defining a task query. But when the task query is defined, the TASK LIST returns only those tasks which are selected by the task query. Advanced Query bookmarking works as usual.


Multiple Tasks

The current "one task per SPR" concept has been extended to support multiple tasks per SPR at the same time. An SPR has

  • one Actionee (a role, representing a person who is responsible for the SPR)
  • one or more tasks with
    • Title
    • Task Author (a person, who defined the task)
    • Taskee (a person, who is executing the task)
    • Description
    • Due Date
    • Closeout Information

User Roles

Three user roles are relevant for tasks:
  • The Actionee is responsible for the SPR, he may define tasks and update task attributes.
  • The Task Author defines and manages the tasks, he may be either a user with update privilege (chairman, project leader) or the Actionee
  • The Taskee executes the task, updates the task status (OPEN to FINISHED) and supplies closeout information. He may forward the task to another user.

Task Functions

The SPRdb pages and functions have been extended for multiple tasks:
  • separate page for task management
  • separate query functions for tasks
  • e-mail notification for task submission, task update and overdue events
  • special history entries


Existing SPRs are converted to the new format:

  • If the SPR has a Responsible, one task is created with
    • the old Responsible as the Taskee,
    • the SPR decision as the task title,
    • status set to OPEN,
    • no due date,
    • no description.

  • If the SPR has no Responsible, no task is created.

Other Changes

This SPRdb version introduces also some other smaller modifications:

  • Home page
    • Search supports search for number, short and long SPR ID
    • My Dashboard shows number of SPRs related to all of the actionee roles if there are any roles for the current user
    • My Dashboard shows tasks information for "Tasks From Me" if the current user has written tasks
    • My Dashboard shows always tasks information for "Tasks for Me"

  • Attachment Handling
    • Attachment directory will be created by SPRdb in the course of attachment upload
    • Attachment Checkbox removed from Analysis, Fix and Re-Test Submission page. It is not useful any longer.


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